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The programmatic ecosystem fundamentally changes post-cookie.
Unique is building a privacy safe, custom and portable signal to target and optimize media without cookies

About Us

The Unique Trading Engine

The team at Unique believes that:

  • The journey to cookieless must be a privacy-first solution
  • The journey to cookieless is about a sequence of events resulting in a state of the art signal that enables targeting and optimization
  • The future of cookieless targeting is essentially a giant math problem looking for a solution
  • Marketers should control their data

The industry is here:

  • Universal ID’s that may pass PII in the signal using a one size fits all approach may/may not work in DV360
  • CDP’s/Clean Rooms - while state of the art - may limit the application of customer data across walled gardens and the open web
  • Solving cookieless targeting and optimization is hard, will take time, and there is no one size fits all approach

What’s missing:

  • An engine that utilizes customer data to create a custom signal that is Unique, portable, privacy safe and gets smarter as it activated against media in real time

Contact us, we have a roadmap

Who We Serve

Brands and Agencies

  • Brands with rich customer data
  • Marketers seeking to leverage their data and “own” their targeting
  • Direct-to-consumer brands that use retargeting
  • Financial services companies navigating growing privacy regulation
  • In-house media groups
  • Agencies seeking cookieless expertise and capability


Download The Great Advertising Reset:
Navigating The Future Of Media With Explore And Exploit Optimization

The global advertising industry is going through a great reset. This change is driven by awareness of data privacy implications by consumers which have led to regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Key among this awareness is that their behavior data along with big data platforms have been the fuel that has driven multi-billion-dollar valuations for tech companies and their shareholders. Advertising today is a two trillion-dollar business, and the digital portion is directly affected by regulations that impact third-party data exchange systems built around bits of tracking code called cookies.
Our Approach

Our technology optimizes objectives

Owned and Operated Landing Pages

We are experts at creating custom owned and operated landing pages that capture leads or move prospects further into your sales funnel.

Contextually Driven Taxonomy Based Programmatic Buying

Our Bidstream Contextual targeting solution leverages recent content consumption as a signal of consumer intent.

Digital Video: CTV, OTT, FEP

Unique’s proprietary identity-based targeting solution sources video inventory that generates results.

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